Shifang changfeng chemical co., LTD
Shifang Changfeng Chemical Co., Ltd

Shifang changfeng chemical co., LTD
Shifang Changfeng Chemical Co., Ltd

Research& Development Center

Technology center

Changfeng technology center is introduced

The technical center covers an area of£º4500Square meters

The construction area£º2ÈËÃñ±ÒÆåÅÆSquare meters
The total investment000000-00-0-0-0-0200More than ten thousand yuan

After completion£¬The company will have set research and development¡¢Analysis of detection¡¢Kind of¡¢Pilot for the integration of research and development function£¬And provides a platform of talent cultivation and growth£¬When the quality of our products¡¢Innovation will have a greater leap¡£

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2019Changfeng Russia with you

2019Changfeng Russia with you

International exhibition center held by Russia£¬The Russian federation of chemistry¡¢Russia's national industry¡¢The Russian government departments to support special paint coating industry exhibition£¬Will be in2019Years3Month4The day was held in Moscow, Russia¡£The exhibition has been held successfully for 22 years£¬Is highly professional and authoritative£¬Get tongren widely recognized in the industry£¬Have higher visibility¡£

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

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  • To protect the environment¡¢Improve fire safety

    Company to develop the environmental protection of halogen free flame retardant science£¬Using the low smoke low toxic phosphorus-containing halogen-free flame retardant technology£¬The combustion does not produce toxic smoke£¬Deadly poison£¬Flame retardant rate is high£¬Widely used in wood¡¢Textiles¡¢Coating¡¢Flame retardant field in polymer materials£¬Provides the security for the society¡¢And reliable¡¢The halogen-free flame retardants of environmental protection¡£

  • Power of agriculture£¬Adhere to sustainable development

    Take root in agriculture£¬Adhere to sustainable development£¬My company production of all kinds of the water soluble fertilizer£¬Mainly used in drip irrigation and spray£¬High fertilizer effect£¬Seems less£¬Non-toxic harmless£¬Save water and fertilizer loss reduction effectively£¬Optimization of farming£¬Improve the environment£¡

  • Pay attention to health£¬Humanized management

    We always adhere to the people-oriented£¬Safeguard the rights and interests of employees£¬Support employee career development£¬True love£¬Has always been£¬Pay attention to employee work environment and the improvement of the living environment£¬Through continuous improvement and precipitation£¬To obtain¡°Occupational health standardization enterprise¡±The title¡£

  • To the public£¬The social responsibility

    The company always adhere to the to the society£¬The spirit of return society£¬At the same time of stable development£¬stay true to the missio£¬A lot of public welfare activities£¬Contains the witness¡¢Student¡¢Invite experts yizhen, etc¡£